Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Update Reaver Titan No.1787- Custos Iuramentum, 18-10-17

Jean-Yves has continued to work on the venerable Legio Atarus engine and we've got some great news and pictures to share:

"Good evening,

Here are some photos of the titan. This is a few hours after the mega battle at Games Workshop in the White Oaks Mall. I have played using the titan against many this past week for the 'Fate of Konor Campaign' I have only to do a few clean up and some painting and it will be finally completed. The knights with it are my view of how House Col'Khak should be. I have made the first group as one of the exalted courts. Still not sure what the house hold emblem should be but there is one that is fantastic."


A very lovely family photo.

So many Knights to keep the Reaver safe.

Very lovely posing and base.

Great chevron work.

And well done internals.

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