Friday, 26 January 2018

Warlord Torso Build- Phase II

The next step in the Warlord build finishes off the torso and superstructure.  By now you'll have an assembled head and legs, and the first phase of the torso is ready to be expanded upon.  This tutorial assumes that you've already cleaned the release agent from the parts as well as removed the gates and flash.  Now we start on the assembly of the torso box.

Materials Needed:
  • Super glue
  • JB Weld
  • Q-tips (to wipe away excess JB Weld on areas that will be visible)
  • Hand drill or Dremel tool with drill bits
  • Drill
  • Pinning material

Step 1: Apply JB Weld to the engine intake, generator stack, and exhausts and slot them into place as shown in the instruction guide.  Dry fit these pieces several times before gluing them into place.  Some filing or heating work may be necessary to get everything to align.

Step 2: Drill pin holes and place scoring marks for the contact points for the point defense weapons and stabilizers.  Super glue can be used to place the point defense mounts, while JB Weld on the stabilizers will allow you to use them safely as a lever separate the torso and legs for transport.  Once dried, the rails of the torso's rear can be glued into place using super glue.

The use of the JB Weld will allow you to grip the Titan's hips and stabilizers and "tilt" the torso off of the legs for ease of transport.

Several small beads of super glue in the railing recess will do the trick.  No scoring of the parts are needed.

Step 3: Glue the side armor panels of the torso into place and use super glue to set the exhaust vent covers and void shield generators.  (NOTE: Shadow's build suffered alignment issues, even after heating and dry fitting.  However, this is not uncommon on the vent covers and can be fixed with green stuff.)

Very frustrating!  No amount of heating and dry fitting helped.  Nothing some green stuff and patience can't fix.

A small dot of glue and just setting the generator on the power bank in the slot and gravity does the rest.

Step 4: Apply JB Weld to the carapace weapon mount contact point with the shoulders and allow to completely dry.  Following that, place the pipe on the underside of the shoulder frame.  Once cured, use JB Weld to secure the shoulder frame to the torso.

A little super glue in the recesses will be more than enough to keep this in place.

JB Weld at a strategic point on the underside and the side of the shoulder frame will keep the piece firmly secure.

Step 5: Use super glue to assemble the point defense weapons and their housings.  For the attachment points, be careful not to put too much glue, otherwise it will prevent them from moving.

Some heating may be necessary for the mounts to hold the weapons while also allowing them to traverse up and down.

A small bead of glue is all that's necessary to hold it and allow the weapons to swivel.

You've now completed the torso build of your Warlord!


  1. The only thing I did differently was to keep the lid off the torso, so when affixing the shoulder frames I could pin as well as glue them, then fixed the lid in place.

  2. Looking good man! Can't wait to see her walking!