Saturday, 24 February 2018

Update Warlord Titan No.582- Regalius, 20-2-18

Nathan continues to knock out progress on his lovely Warlord and the Rite of Colours continues on Regalius!

"I've got a lot done on Regalius here, the engine's name and Legio are finalized now and I have pictures! As well as a small backstory.

A new member of the Legio Decimata, build 344 years after the War of the Beast. Named Regalius due to the supposed king-like nature if it's computer core and Princeps. Regalius has yet to see many battles but will surely leave it's mark on it's Legio and the Imperium."


A very lovely color combination for the armor.

The Rites of Priming are always fun on a Titan.

A great looking pose coming together so far.

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