Thursday, 12 April 2018

Update Mars Warhound No.3890- Venator Lupus, 12-4-18

Shadow has recently updated the photos for Venator Lupus.  The venerable Warhound now sports chipping damage on her chassis to reflect her many battles, and some additional honor decals will be on the way.  Pictures of the Titan Guard will follow once everything is finished.


Her proud stance still dominates a battlefield, and one of her monikers is "Murder Puppy"

Her paint job continues to be chipped away by war while she awaits refit and repairs from the Mechanicus between war zones.

Even her carapace and generator banks bear new scars.


  1. Nice gritty aspect but with functional weapons. Like it

  2. She’s looking really good, Shadow! Nice work!

  3. The original paint job is not have been mine due to time constraints, but I certainly wish to make this Warhound look the part of a war engine that's been in the field. That's why I don't mind having done the chipping damage on her (especially with me still finding mistakes from the commissioned painters work that I'm fixing.) It's why I paint my own Titans now. It felt good to scuff her up though, she's fought some good battles so far. I have a few decals to add to her from the Walk 2017- USA, namely two Titan kills and her Walk markers.

    1. I totally need to get my walk markers on mine! I’ll sned in some update pics when I do!

      Your paintjob originally or not, it looks great and I really think some of things you’ve added over time are awesome!