Saturday, 12 May 2018

A look at Adeptus Titanicus

Hi all. 

Here it is. So we have Warlords, Knights and Reavers looking totally indistinguishable from the 40k equivalents. 

Specialist games have done such a great job of the display board too. Imperial Hunters look great. 

Legio Mortis Walk. 

Against Legio Gryphonicus

Legio Krytos

The naked kit. Let’s hope for resin upgrades for Legio specific plates and heads!

Is that Morbidia!?

Adeptus Titanicus The Horus Heresy - Grand Master edition

Legio Fureans

The Terrain. The terrain. Wow

The Buildings are beautiful. 

Well. I'm truly excited

Realm of Battle Boards! Awesome!!!!