Saturday, 5 May 2018

Eldar Revenant Titan No.4 - Corsair Marauder 1

Certificate Number: n/a
Titan Name: TBN
Pattern: n/a
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: Two Revenant Pulsars
Princeps: n/a
Titan Legio: Craftworld Dras'Volharr
Battle Maniple Composition: Eldar Phantom Titan, 2 Eldar Revenant Titans

Owner: Dave Drinan
 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Comments: "All Titans except the Armorcast variants were purchased together back in Feb 2012 when the AUD was greatest against the UK Pound (with the exception of one Phantom purchased second hand in its original bag due to an unfortunate souls travel plans requiring spending money). The six FW Eldar Titans were commissioned as a group by Third Fate Creations in Boulder, Colorado (USA) by an airbrush magician named Steve Hughes. The project works took a couple of months and shipped back in custom cut foam containers. The Phantoms made it intact however the four Revenants were utterly destroyed and to this day are awaiting repairs thanks to the USPS handlers. The Phantoms lived at the Mount Gravatt Battle Bunker (GW) for a 12 month period while building a display case, which is now their final resting place, amongst over 130k of fellow CWE, Harlequin and Corsair kin."

Photos: Project Blog - When Craftworlds Drop By

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