Monday, 21 May 2018

Reminder- Adeptus Titanicus Dominus FREE Key Giveaway

Just a reminder that the developers at Membraine Studios have been very generous and given Titan Owners Club three FREE game keys for Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus!  The game's release is coming very soon, and we want to help you get in on it from day one. None of your personal information, or your email address, will be shared with anyone as part of this giveaway. 

A few minutes of your time is all it takes, and all you need to do is:  

1.)  Visit or and browse around.  Get a good look at the game and get your feet wet.

2.) Email with two pieces of information: 
  • Where did you first hear about Dominus?
  • What are your honest thoughts about what's been shown off?
In the subject line, please make sure to put that it's for the Dominus Giveaway, and one of your Titan certificate numbers so that we can verify we're giving the keys to TOC members.  This will also help to keep your email from being accidentally tossed out with spam.  We'll be using random number generation to determine the three winners.

3.) Wait for the announcement.

We'll be announcing the winners of the key giveaway on May 28th, meaning you have just under a week left to get those responses to us.  We're excited to be working with Membraine Studios, and we hope that you find Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus to be a pleasant game.

Want to know more, check out our Early Access Preview.

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