Saturday, 30 June 2018

TOC Walk UK 2018 - Complete

Hi all.

Well that was an amazing day. I have been worrying about this event for months, and just like that it’s done. I feel it was a successful day, and I am happy to say that I loved meeting every member of Titan Owners Club in attendance today. It was great to be in a room with Titan fans who just wanted to walk their Engines on a giant battlefield. 

The game itself started about 10 o’clock as most people just wanted to talk, socialise, tread the field and generally enjoy the feeling of being part of a massive battle. When Battle was underway every few minutes the call of “Engine Kill!” would fill the room, and everyone would chant it back and turn their attention to the other end of the table and hear how a god Engine was felled. 
I enjoyed the custom activation driven 8th Ed ruleset, but am already looking forward to trying the event again with AT rules. 

I enjoyed the venue, bar was great and we had unlimited tea, coffee and cookies all day. 

One thing I didn’t expect, was that everyone was happy to play the game in their socks! I didn’t even ask anyone to take shoes off. Thankfully it was a clean bunch!

Every Engine was very well painted and presented, and many people left the event saying that they want a second or further Engine. The feeling that 5 Titans + a Banner seemed popular. 

Wounds, turns etc were kept track of on some Maniple clipboards I created, whilst Score was kept on a drawing pad. The game was very open and casual (not too rule driven), and the whole venue would openly discuss and agree to clarifications etc on the fly. 

The battlefield was very accessible to all Engines and didn’t feel overpopulated with Titans. The Siege wall was a cool centrepiece, with a lot of combat around the breaches and gates. 

Siph gets a very nice Engine kill!

I’m looking forward to the next event and seeing the guys again. 

Hopefully in the next day or two I should be getting some awesome shots from our photographer which joined us for a couple of hours. Some of her work can be seen above already. Expect some more cool pictures. 

Please let us know what you thought of the event below if you attended :)



  1. Drake, it was an absolute blast! Love the last two pictures, that’s the Reaver felled by lowly Armigers, and my Reaver Honorum killing Lynden P’s Warlord! Fabulous day event and thank you for all the TOC hard work getting everything organised and terrain built!

  2. It was fun and damn crazy.
    Looking hopeful for the next event.

  3. Bring on the next walk! Such an amazing day and the work you put in was above and beyond.

  4. This looked totally amazing! I'm 100% up for the next walk!

  5. I want to own a Titan just to be part of that sort of thing. Great.

  6. Looks like a blast. The movement phase must of been nerve wracking lol. When AT is released will you be trying that rule set at full scale?

    1. Hey Jon. We will be going full AT but in 28mm.
      And Omnissiah yes it was nerve wracking, just imagine the sound of 12 people at the latter stages of a game of giant Jenga every time a Warlord moves, and you won’t be far off.