Sunday, 15 July 2018

Forge World Open Day and Adeptus Titanicus

Today is the Forge World open day, and of course the Specialist Games have a chance to shine! Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Horus Heresy; all of the usual stuff. Oh! And Adeptus Titanicus of course! Let's dive right in:

The Warlord edition of the game will provide players with the best way to start, thought it will (naturally) be the most expensive way to jump in:

"The release will see a variety of different ways to get your hands on the new game, the ultimate one being the epic Grand Master Edition. This includes two(!) Warlord Titans, six Questoris Knights, a set of Adeptus Titanicus buildings and much more – including the rulebook, of course, plus Command Terminals for your Titans and Knights, Weapon cards, Mission cards, Stratagem cards, Battlefield Assets, templates and dice – literally everything you need to get started."

Something to note is that we'll be dealing with Strategems and Battlefield Assets.  Clearly, more than just your skill as a Princeps with your Titans will be in play.

AT terrain will also be available separately later on, as well as table tiles themed for the game released by Forge World.

And for those worried about the Warhound Titan:

"The release of Adeptus Titanicus will be quickly followed up with more models to add to your growing Titan Legion – the first of which will be the Reaver Titan, along with its own Command Terminals and Weapons cards."

While the Reaver takes front and center as the first of the new releases, the Warhounds are definitely on the radar.  

Excited yet? We'll keep you posted as new things become available throughout the day.  We even have boots on the ground there, hunting for information for us.


  1. TOC are you going to expand membership to AT Maniples here on TOC too? Just wondering? Or keep purely 40k scale Titan Ownership?

    1. Siph I'm no admin but I think it should stay full sized models with certificates. If you open it up to the little ones the page will be over whelmed. With that said I would like to see a branch off blog or forum or page for forces of AT and the game overall. I would really enjoy seeing what people come up with for there Maniples.

  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Looked good all on show. The detail of the Titans was amazing. Roll on August!!