Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Behind the Scenes- Swamped and Increasing Staff!

You've probably heard many times since you've started looking at TOC, or joining it, that all three of us do this as a labour of love.  Drake founded TOC and carried on the club until life did its own thing and he got swamped.  Give it enough time, and then Shadow gets into the mix and you end up with two blog co-owners.  Then came the fun news about Adeptus Titanicus and we expanded the club's offerings to include Knight Banners, bringing Hertford on board.  This has worked well for us in the past as we managed our backlog, brought you new content (Collegia Titanica, Titan Owner Interviews, Titan Literature Reviews, Knight Banners, and all sorts of other goodies), and became innovators in our own way.

When we started doing events, our workload became a bit more arduous, but still manageable.  Then came two major things for TOC:

  1. Forge World and Warhammer Community covering our efforts and giving us exposure.
  2. The Walk 2018- UK, Walk 2018- USA, and TOC Walk- Battle for the Citadel.
Both of these things are MAJOR boosters for TOC.  The events might not strike you as being a major booster given that only members are involved, but they generate a lot of talk, and that itself means that more people hear about us and join; especially since the 2018 events have been MASSIVE undertakings compared to 2017.  Of course, the effect of the FW and WC coverage is fairly obvious, since it really gets the word out.  

These items get us members, which means a larger backlog (which we've covered before), more members, larger events, and more content to come up with.  And now with Adeptus Titanicus finally out, we have even more we are bringing you.  Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

The short version of the story is that all three of your TOC staff members are pretty swamped with life, work, TOC, freelance projects, and other responsibilities.  We are PROUD of this!  We cannot reiterate how happy we are to be in this position because it means that we are doing well.  So well in fact that we are now LOOKING FOR A STAFF MEMBER!

This is something we looked at a few weeks ago but didn't move on because we had an equilibrium.  However, two of the staff members had major changes occur that when taken in conjunction, mean that some help is a good thing.  Here's the details:

  1. We want the new staff position to be filled by a TOC member (existing OR prospective is fine) and they can be from anywhere in the world.
  2. Their primary role will be assisting Shadow and Drake with Titan entries and updates; though they will mostly assist with the US and Rest of World "service region" at this time.
  3. Their secondary role will be to update the site links and assist with, or even develop, some of the extra articles that we do, including our new Adeptus Titanicus articles.
    • Playing Adeptus Titanicus or having the materials for it will not be required.
  4. Their tertiary role will be to assist Hertford if his backlog becomes overwhelming. 
  5. Creating a TOC based Google account will not be necessary, but is highly beneficial.
  6. This is a permanent staff position and not a temporary thing.  We're offering you a full experience with us, meaning you'll be part of the team's everyday operations.
  7. Email with the Subject Line "TOC Staff Opening" and leave us your:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Location (This helps us to schedule with you, coordinate, train, and make sure we don't wake you up on the dead of night on accident.)
    • What you feel you can offer the TOC staff and why you want to join it.
  8. We'll accept emails until Sunday the 26th of August and we'll notify you of our decision once we have received all applications and made our choice.


  1. As much as I’d enjoy being part of the team, my work takes me away from Internet connection for prolonged periods of time... until Low Orbit Satellites fill the gap at sea and EMCON policies relax, I cannot help. I hope you find some suitable candidates!

  2. May be time to come out of seclusion....

    1. Do it! Doitdoitdoit! And feel free to send the email if you're interested in joining us. I'm sure your Warhound will also look a lot further along than the last time we saw it.

  3. I sent my application in! May the blessings of the Omnissiah be upon you!