Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Warlord Titan No.698- Expectatio Armata Vindictam

Certificate Number: 000698
Titan Name: Expectatio Armata Vindictam (Watchful, Waiting Vengeance)
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Body
Head Unit: Lucius-Alpha Pattern Head
 Primary Armament: Laser Blasters (Shoulder), Sunfury Plasma Annihilator (Right Arm), Belicosa Volcano Cannon (Left Arm); Secondary Loadout of: Apocalypse Missile Launchers (Shoulder), Arioch Power Claw (Left and Right Hands available)
Princeps: Hamid Kosta Schäfer (Name means One Who Praises the Steadfast Shepherd)
Titan Legio: Legio Victorum of the Triplex Phall
Battle Maniple Composition: First Titan [Welcome to the journey- TOC]

Owner: The Tekwych
Location: New Mexico, USA
Comments: Expectatio Armata Vindictam, also known as Vindicta Nostra has been placed at the Minkar system of the Ultima Segmentum, Thramas Sector as it has become a primary staging area for wars against the Ork infestation of the Eastern Fringe.  Minkar is also the home world of the Rapid Deployment Forces of the Minkar Imperial Grenadiers and The Knights of House Steiner-Rohre, also aligned with Triplex Phall.

Additional information about Minkar and the progress of this Titan build can be found at



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