Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Mars Warhound No.5387- Cinder Wolf, Legio Mortis

Certificate Number: 0005387
Titan Name: Cinder Wolf
Pattern: Mars-Alpha Pattern Warhound.
Primary Armament: Double-barrelled Turbo-laser Destructor and Vulcan Mega-bolter
Princeps: Princeps Frydia Jeil
Titan Legio: Legio Mortis

Owner: Chris “Vykes” C.
Location: Alberta, Canada
Comments: “The Cinder Wolf was originally slated to be a Reaver-class titan, but after a few sensible folk talked me into going smaller to start, a Warhound was drafted up. I got my revenge though; the Wolf was entered into the Bolter and Chainsword E Tenebrae Lux VI (2018) painting competition, and was cleaned, trimmed, assembled, and painted over a period of 72 hours. So, in the end, it was still a non-sensible project.

The interior detail was left out, the cockpit can be detached and interior details (a fully painted crew, or just internals for LED lighting) will probably get added at a later date.  A full test of the Cinder Wolf’s mettle is scheduled for some time in August.



A wonderful homage to both the Legio and the certificate number.

Excellent use of decals.  This engine personifies the Mortis look.

Great weathering work.

Not many things can survive being on the business end of that weapon.


Got to start somewhere.

The Rite of Construction clearly went well.

Even before the weathering job, this was a superbly done 'hound.


  1. That’s a lovely hue of black Matt you’ve achieved!

  2. Thanks mates! I do appreciate it, and glad to be part of this. So many of the clubs other engines are awe inspiring that I finally had to get in on the action. God-engines are totally worth it. Can't wait to get my hands on a Reaver.

    I'm pretty stoked at how that black came out too, Siph_Horridus! It ain't the easiest colour to work with and my usual weathering can be a bit of a pain as it shows up so poorly on black. But in the end, mixing up some oils seems to have got it, along with a fair bit of airbrushing charcoal and a touch of blue. If it fits in the Mortis fold, I'm happy.

    Aaaand so far Cinder's been able to bully some knight banners and Legion superheavies, but got a bit of a bloody nose in a fight with another warhound. Both limped away, neither picked up an engine kill.

    1. We'd be more than happy to feature her battles in a Walk After-Action Report article if you want to. We just need to know the details/story and have some pictures and we'll show off her bloody nose and everything for you.

      Glad to hear that you're very happy with your hound, and that a big sister is on the way.

    2. That'd be pretty great, mates. -laughs- I'll see about what I can do and maybe if someone at the club grabbed a few snapshots... first time jitters with a titan, not many pictures taken when you're hoping she doesn't fall victim to a punishingly lucky Fellblade. But we got a big enough group here that I expect you'll get a few reports from the front in time!

  3. I absolutely love the Cinder Wolf - the base is just fantastic! I genuinely can't believe that you got this done in only 72 hours!!

    1. Thanks a ton, mate. -laughs- it was definitely a kind of crazy long weekend, but got it all 'planned' after panicking when I first got the package. Rite of cleansing, with that soaking, do the base construction, from the base construction to the scrubbing and drying, after that finish up the base painting, etc.

      The Wildboar Blog warhound guide took a lot of the guesswork away from figuring out where to place the pins and everything jut kinda worked (aside from about an hour wasted in getting some of the ankle pistons lined up). A bit of gel superglue as a guide for the epoxy went a long way. Though I still can't believe it took that little time. I figure if I stopped, might never start again.