Saturday, 22 September 2018

Reaver Titan No.AWOC11- Hedonista, Manzoku Kihei

Certificate Number: AWOC11
Titan Name: Hedonista
Pattern: Mars pattern heretic reaver titan
Primary Armament: Hedonista recently received an armament upgrade. While she spent most of her life hunting enemy titans with two sets of Laser Blasters, in recent centuries she has been spotted with a Gatling Blaster, Reaver Volcano Cannon, and Incendiary Missile Launcher
Princeps: He was known as K’tithrak Mang, and now the Titan is possessed by the exalted keeper of secrets Llana’Zheph’Hhraathek
Titan Legio: Manzoku Kihei (pleasure cavalry)
Battle Maniple Composition: Hedonista brings the heavy firepower to handle targets too large for Phobos to handle on her own. She particularly enjoys scything down the imperium and Eldar heavy infantry and other god-machines.

Owner: Brian E.
Location: Texas, USA
Comments: She recently received an upgrade. Formerly sporting double laser blasters, now she engages a mix of targets with incendiary launchers, a Gatling cannon and a reaver volcano cannon.



Arrayed for battle against the enemies of the Emperor's Children.


  1. Lovely battle pict capture. Damn fine Heretic.

  2. Wow - that is a fantastic looking engine! I love the Chaos apoc launcher - those missiles just look brutal!

  3. Those poor, poor leman russes. They don't stand a chance!