Friday, 21 September 2018

Titan Hangar- Your Home Base Here

Titan Hangar is our newest feature on the blog.  We have a lot of other content that we offer you, such as Collegia Titanica, Titan Owner Interviews, Walk After-Action Reports, and more.  We're always looking to find new things for you, and Titan Hangar is the newest.  It's a celebration of where YOUR Titans are the lords of the field.  

We've already reviewed And Books Too, which houses many TOC Titans and Knight Banners.  We've even had a request from another member to do one for the Warhammer Citadel, which is where their engine plays.  We had hoped to see that response to the new series, which is why:


Titan Hangar is a celebration of your stomping grounds.  If you feel that your home store, be it a GW store, FLGS, or some other place of gathering is worthy of being on the blog, we want you to tell us so.  It won't take much to get your store on here, all you need to do is

1.  Talk to the manager or owner of the place and find out if they're okay with it.
2.  Send us a good picture of the outside and a few shots of the inside, especially if you have some action shots and some of the engines in question are in play.
3.  Tell us how often the big models get to play and which TOC engines are housed there.
4.  Let us know if there is anything else interesting about the store or the region it's located in (and we mean anywhere in the world, not just one nation, we want places from all over).  We want to know what makes it so special and why you love it.  

It's that easy.  Shoot that information over to or and we'll take care of the rest.  Then, all you have to do is show your Hangar what you did when the article goes live.

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