Thursday, 11 October 2018

Reaver Titan No.1693 - Ferrum Dominus, Legio Metalica

Name: Ferrum Dominus
Certificate Number: 1693
Titan Name: Ferrum Dominus "Iron Lord"
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan
Primary Armament: Reaver Laser Blaster, Reaver Gatling Blaster & Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Princeps: Tarsus Merrik [Currently 178 years of active service aboard this engine]
Legio: Legio Metalica "The Iron Skulls"

Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Ferrum Dominus has walked war-torn battlefields stretching across the Ultima Segmentum and beyond since its construction within the hallowed manufactorum plants of its beloved Forge World Metalica during 653.M37.

Ferrum Dominus has a fierce, courageous machine spirit which is tempered by the stoic and tactical nature of its Princeps Tarsus Merrik.

During a recent conflict near the great rift, Princeps Merrik ordered his war engine into the heart of a daemonic nexus, destroying numerous titan class daemon entities and stilling the swirling Maelstrom, saving countless Imperial lives in the process.

Upon returning to its home Forge, Ferrum Dominus was rewarded with blessings and sanctification rights by the Forge World's Techpriests which were carried out over a period of 6 days. No sign of corruption was found within the Engine or crew despite their exposure to warp energies during the campaign - a sure sign of the Titan's purity and indomitable machine spirit.

This engine stands unshakeable on the battlefield; a shining beacon of the Omnissiah's magnificence and the glory of its Legio.

 What a very well presented model. 

 Love the discarded shells!

 clear glass optics are a cool touch.

 The base is very detailed with even some tools in a tool box!

 The rust effect looks great.

 The barrel tips have a great weathering effect.

The chevrons are very sharp. 

Some great verdigris. 


 A happy crew for a fantastic looking engine.

 The internals look fantastic.



  1. I knew this one looked familiar - nice to see the engine registered.

  2. Love it! Thought I saw that rusty box before! Great job, really outstanding weathering and rust effect. And love the banner too, outstanding work mate

  3. Thanks guys - it was definitely a labour of love! Now just two warhounds to build!! :)