Tuesday, 16 October 2018

TOC Walk- Battle for the Citadel in Review

The events that TOC puts on are nothing new.  With three under our belt, there's not much to do past get the planning done and have fun with our giant war engines, right?  Things change when you get to a big venue and they give you free run of the place.  This past weekend, the Warhammer Citadel hosted the Titan Owners Club for a brand new Walk event.  Sitting at 11 participants, 18 Titans (4 of them Warlord class), and 45 Knights, it was the largest event on the US side.  

Making this even more interesting is that it was an entire campaign weekend.  Before we show you the ton of pictures taken for the event, a brief recap of the campaign's ending:

"Epiloz VII was a major bastion of the Imperium of Mankind.  Stalwart in defense, many saw it as third only to Cadia and Holy Terra in terms of how impregnable a bastion it was.  This train of thinking was far short of reality, proven to the populace of the planet when a host of Chaos forces and Xenos marauders touch down with gigantic engines of war.  

The planet was quickly overwhelmed, with only the Citadel standing at the end of the brutally short campaign.  A mighty bastion, the Citadel should have been the hope of Epiloz VII, defended by the Titan Legions of the Adeptus Mechanicus.  Instead, it was to be a tomb.  The walls of the fortress were toppled by the attackers and the great Titan and Knight defenders of the Citadel scattered to evacuate from a lost cause, or fight smaller battles they felt could be won.  

Perhaps it is the nature of these smaller battles that has lead to the perpetual war ongoing, with neither side gaining a distinct advantage after the Citadel was toppled.  The forces of Chaos and the Xenos were denied their ultimate victory, but the Citadel's walls still lie as nothing more than a shell.  Both sides rush to send reinforcements, ready to put a final end to the conflict."

While the attackers won the initial engagement of the campaign, the results of the two rounds from Sunday's gameplay actually resulted in a tie, even coming down to a duel between two Armiger Helverins.  So much went on that we can't give you a true Walk After-Action Report, but we have plenty of pictures to share with you.


An amazing store front.

ACTUAL armies from old codexes.

Mik at the coffee bar.

There is art all over the store.  There's a lot of history, and some cheeky references as well.

Even if you don't like Dawn of War III, the statue is most impressive.

So many red boxes!  And they do indeed have a bunch of Titans there to sell.



Looks like Mik and Shadow took the route of making work fun.


Trying to get a bunch of gamers not to laugh while saying "snotling" for a picture is harder than it looks.


The Knights set up early on, ready to rush the Titans and disrupt their fire.

A lot of talk, strategy, and getting to meet one another.

Very lovely work.  It's great to see things like this at the event.

The opposing forces were certainly staring each other down.

A lot of laughs and smiles were had.


While the Warlords didn't damage each other during the game, they made their presence known by taking out lesser engines.

The attackers, though from different factions, put up quite the unified front.

The Knights in particular took a beating during this game, at one point, these two Armigers were the only ones that could effectively fight.  #fearthearmiger didn't happen this time around.

Mik surveys the field during the game while swooping in to grab some photos.

Sunday Games:

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in this game and who came out to participate.  We hope that you had fun and that you're looking forward to returning next year, when the Citadel hosts the Walk 2019- USA.


KF, winner of The Undying

Joe K., winner of Scion Slayer, Titan Bane, and Most Valuable Pilot.

Robert C., winner of Giant Killer.

Michael G., winner of Best Sportsman.

KF, winner of Legion Legate

Robert C., winner of Legion Legate


  1. Whilst it looked a great deal of fun and decent GW support, I really don’t think tables are the way forward for Titan battles, they lend themselves to either be a static gunline or long and thin Gauntlet where half the weapons are out of range (Warhound Plasma, even Turbo Lasers).. Does the Citadel have the ability to tape of a large floor space for a Battle? Both U.K. events have had huge playing surfaces and the freedom of manoeuvre that gives you, including actual terrain blocking LOS making it more tactical and more fun imho. Ideas for next years US events?

    1. Im working on getting a mat for such events so we can have one stateside.

  2. The Citadel Walk looks spectacular in those images! Would be interesting to know how many engines fell...