Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Warlord Titan No.554 - Phobos Ultor, Legio Atarus

Certificate Number: 554
Titan Name: Phobos Ultor
Pattern: Mars-Alpha 
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha 
Primary Armament: Belicosa Volcano Cannon, Arioch Power Claw with Vulcan Mega Bolter, shoulder-mounted Laser Blasters 
Princeps: Casim Wisengrad, with Moderati Zykes and Steersman Ndawe, plus Tech-Priest Cuthtick Gam-Om and Gun-Servitors Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Titan Legio: Legio Atarus
Battle Maniple Composition: N/A

Owner: Alex K.
Location: Osaka, Japan
Comments: Still very much a work in progress, but I've been lurking all year since I got this beast and wanted to join up as soon as I had her assembled. The concept behind Phobos Ultor is that she was manufactured by Mars and completed using decommissioned orbital weaponry from Phobos, then sent to the Legio Atarus as an olive branch by the Fabricator-General. While the gift was gratefully received, the meaning of the name -- "Punisher of Phobos" -- was all too clear; "this is the manner of punishment you may expect if you stand against Mars." If the masters of Legio Atarus gave any formal response to this, the records no longer exist.



 First Engine from Japan, and she is an absolute beauty.
 Fantastic air brushing.

 I love the colours of this Engine. Totally awesome. Would love to see a full Maniple!

 Love the chequers and diamonds.

Work in Progress:

Thanks for sharing such a fantastic Engine.

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  1. Lovely, unusual for an Orange tone but refreshingly different. Great.

  2. Duuuude, this is very much in the 'awesome' department for me. Orange is a remarkably novel colour I usually just associate with Eldar, but I think the tone and contrast with the cold blue really works well. Not to mention the airbrushing is silky smooth, looks terrific. Mixing it with those exquisitely done checks and diamonds, not to mention the toe-hazard stripes really sets the Phobos Ultor apart.

    Love the notion that it's using orbital weapon parts, very cool bit I do appreciate. Nice'n!

  3. A lot of "wow" while looking at this engine. Good job.

    Love the reference to Donald's nephews.

  4. Absolutely beautiful colour scheme! I really like the yellow hazards and the subtle decals you've added so far. Really looking forward to seeing her finished! :)

  5. I could swear you were a UT (University of Tennessee) fan from the colors and checker boarding. Really sharp, great colors and attention to the small things. I like the toe stripes, I may have to mimic, but with decals LOL.