Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Adeptus Titanicus- Titandeath Campaign

Warhammer Community had some great news today regarding the Titandeath supplement for Adeptus Titanicus:

Titandeath is the first expansion for Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy. It’s full of new content for you to use in your games of Titan battles, including rules for eight new Legions, which we’ll be previewing later in the week. The centrepiece is a campaign based around the war for Beta-Garmon, known to later generations of the Imperium as the Titandeath of the book’s title.

The Beta-Garmon cluster, also known as the gateway to the Throneworld, was the last hurdle that Horus’ forces would have to overcome before they could reach their goal. Heavily fortified by the Imperium, Beta-Garmon would become one of the greatest and bloodiest battles of the Horus Heresy, as well as one of the longest lasting…

The expansion contains extensive background information on the worlds of Beta-Garmon and a complete timeline of the war to control them. Allied to this are a set of six narrative missions, each based on a key battle and providing rules for recreating it. These include suggested battlegroup sizes, Stratagems and series of mission special rules.

These missions range from small clashes for control of the shipyards on the moon of Theta-Garmon to full-scale engine war on a 6’ x 4’ table littered with the corpses of fallen Titans. Each provides you with a new way to play, and a very different experience – especially those games that use uneven forces. Pitting a larger battlegroup against a smaller band of beleaguered defenders makes for a tense clash.

Each of these missions – or any other games you play – can also be further spiced up with seven different sets of additional rules based on the conditions of the worlds in the cluster, from the airless void of Theta-Garmon V to the toxic storms and acid rain of Beta-Garmon III. Each of these will add new challenges to your games and force both players to think tactically about the best way to avoid – or exploit – these conditions.

Titandeath also provides all the guidance you need to tie your games together into a campaign. There’s a toolkit of rules to choose from, including crew experience, Legion honour, post-battle rewards and even salvaging the battlefield to retrieve weapons from fallen Titans.

There are also suggestions for incorporating these rules into a map-based campaign where players command multiple Titan Legions and battlegroups and fight for control of an entire world – the perfect way for you and your friends to truly immerse yourself in the battle for Beta-Garmon!

You’ll find all of this and more in Titandeath, which will be available to pre-order on Saturday. If you’re keen to get started with Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy, check out the Rules Set and Titan Battlegroupboxed sets – together, they’re the perfect way to get to grips with the rules and put together a starting battlegroup – and to find out more about the war for Beta-Garmon, check out Guy Haley’s latest Horus Heresy novel, also called Titandeath.


  1. Oh yeah - love me a narrative toolkit!

    1. When we get our hands on it we'll give you guys a comprehensive review. Adeptus Titanicus will be a major push in 2019 and will be the format for a few of our events. We'll be on top of that game quite a bit.

  2. Please cover Metalica, please cover Metalica...

    1. Unfortunately, Warhammer Community just shot that down today. :(

      It's on their site now and we'll be posting their content here in a few hours.