Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Adeptus Titanicus- Doom of Molech Lore Review

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We’ve been fortunate to be granted an early preview copy of the upcoming Doom of Molech supplement for Adeptus Titanicus.  We’re very excited to be given the opportunity to continue bringing you information about the book.  We’ll start with a review of the lore granted in this new book. 

Hardback? Check.  Like Titandeath before it, Doom of Molech has the feel of the Forge World red books with some elements of the black books.  The cover in particular really has the feel of a black book.  

This 81-page book provides us with missions, Titan Legion rules, Knight Household rules, and an expansion to run Knights in your games of Adeptus Titanicus.  Doom of Molech follows the mould established by Titandeath in many ways but is definitely its own, standalone entry in the series by containing expanded areas but also reductions in others.  What do we have in Doom of usMolech?

  • Six new narrative missions.
  • Rules for four new Titan Legions, two Loyalist and two Traitor.
  • Rules for SEVEN Knight Households and the ability to field entire armies of Knights.
  • Two new maniples to use in any game.
  • New stratagems and more.

Eight pages of lore for this book seems like it should pale in comparison to what was offered in Titandeath but that couldn’t be further from the truth this time around.  While Doom of Molech is sorely lacking in the maps and timelines department (seriously, there are none in the book) it more than makes up for it in the overall lore.  This book contains a brief but detailed description of what befell the world of Molech and why Horus set upon such a backwater planet with such fervor.

While we don’t get a lot of information about the exact numbers of the forces comprising the defense or assault of the world, we do have a good sense of who was there.  Three Titan Legions and seven Knight Houses; long the defenders of Molech battled against four Traitor Titan Legions and the Legiones Astartes and were set for a valiant last stand until treachery from House Devine shattered the Imperator Titan that was holding the line.

Yes, all of this is available in the Vengeful Spirit novel, but the book does a good job of covering this from an overview standpoint and provides depth without burdening the player.  The world of Molech itself is fleshed out, with lore added to each of its regions, continents, and the forces that guard them.  Doom of Molech has actually answered what has been our biggest gripe during the previous reviews: WE GOT LORE!!!  As for not having maps this time, we’ll let Vengeful Spirit flesh that out, and the timelines for such a singular event admittedly wouldn’t make any sense.  Thus far, the Doom of Molech supplement is off to an excellent start.

Keep checking back over the coming days while we continue to review this book.

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