Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Introducing Lord Halfpenny - Titan Owners Club Admin

Hello Fellow Princeps (I’m still not sure on the Plural of Princeps..) one and all, new and old. It is a privilege that I will be a part of ‘our’ hobby that we all hold dear and a huge honour for me to be asked to join the admin team and to build the community both online for Titan Owners and on the table (or floor) where our pride-and-joys, our titans, get to clash in honourable combat.

Best way to start would be an Introduction. I go by the alas of Lord Halfpenny online both here on the Titan owners Club and on my blog with my mates and rivals on the battlefield, Siph and the6thdegree, Weemen. We have been contributing to Weemen for over 10 years now, covering building and painting models and of course battle reports.

I own 5 Forge World titans. My ‘tradition’ is to add lights to my titans, including knights and (foolishly) Armigers. Each titan has LEDs added to the head to add to the look of the titan. My Titans are for Legio Crucius army. I opted for Crucius for a couple of reasons: first, it was a different scheme from the blue of my Ultramarines. Second, due to their links with the Segmentum Ultima I could see them as force fighting alongside my Ultramarines. I also loved the back story of the legion, and that they had a sizable force of Titans. I enjoy all aspects of the building, the painting, the planning, and then using them in battle.

My titans are:
  • Warhound #5508 “Wolfshead”
  • Warhound #5599 “Blackstrider”
  • Reaver #11 “Astramos Mortis Æternem”
  • Warbringer #221 “Mons Ignus”
  • Warlord #860 “Hell’s Daughter”

I also have an original armocast Reaver Titan and a scratch built Warlord titan which stands an amazing 3ft 2in. This Warlord is soon to get some upgrades to make it an Imperator for future titan battles.

To finish, a little bit more about me- I am 30(something) and live on the South Coast of the UK (Dorset). I’ve been in the 40k hobby for some years- starting when I was around 15 when I bought my first box of 6 Imperial Space Marines. I had recently read White Dwarf (Issue 187 I believe...) in which there was a huge tank battle with the forces of the Imperium against Orks. I loved reading the battle report, and from that report, knew this was a hobby I had to get into. I do own several forces for 40k, including Ultramarines and daemons. I also own a sizable knight force which is 20 models strong.

With this, I would like to thank the Titan Owners Club for the honour in joining the club, and hope to be a part of something amazing!


  1. Welcome David. Happy to have you with us!

  2. Excellent addition mate, I know only one other that can build and paint Titans as fast as you, and that’s Princeps Tesarius also on the TOC Admin!

  3. Good to have you on board.

  4. I think plural of Princeps is actually.. Principes? That would be latin though. High gothic is anyone's guess. Princepii? Princepses?

    1. Princeps for both singular and plural. Skitarius for singular and Skitarii for plural. Moderatii for plural, but I forgot what they used for singular.

  5. Welcome my brother princeps its an honour to have you!!