Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Sunfury Plasma Annihilator Unboxing

Plasma weaponry, bane of any enemy type, dangerous to the user, and a vicious death.  The Sunfury Plasma Annihilator wielded by the Warlord Titan is fearsome and feared for good reason.  Today we unbox this beast.

The usual presentation we get for Warlord weapons, complete with the barcode and QR code.

A colored instruction manual.

Those are some MASSIVE chunks of resin.  The generator bank and main body are solid pieces of resin and are certainly no joke.

This kit was extremely well designed and you can tell how tightly the parts are meant to fit together.  The modular way this kit was done was also done in mind with making painting easier, especially with the way the gaps are set between the four plasma coils on the gun.  The mould lines were not too bad and the quality is exactly as you would expect from one of Forge World's larger kits.


  1. Currently painting mine, best in sub-assemblies, main body (four parts) cables three separate, four plasma conduits separate, main barrel and muzzle (two parts) and glue these four plasma conduits to main barrel before pinning and fixing to main body. The targeter and barrel support rails are best left separate too and fitted at the end.

    1. Are you hand painting or doing it by airbrush? I actually managed to do this monstrosity as one assembly, but that's ONLY because I hand painted it. Though I definitely like your choice of sub-assemblies.