Monday, 29 April 2019

Walk 2019- USA: Southeast Region in Review

Yesterday the Southeast Region for the United States held its Walk event, pulling in Princeps from its neighboring region and a local Scion as well.  11 Titans and 6 Knights hit the field at Games Workshop: Riverbend to battle on the bayou.  Even with what seems like a small table for such an amount of engines, the game's mission definitely played its part as the fog of the swamps interfered with targeting solutions and engines had to weigh up moving to their objectives versus being stuck in the muck and mud.  The game was highly enjoyed by all, and even with a Chaos victory, the vanquished found the event enjoyable.


Of course we had to do beignets at the legendary Cafe Du Monde!

And see the Superdome a bit.

A visit to Jackson Square was one of the highlights.

Chaos Titans were pushing into the Imperium's city.  How would the defenders respond?

That's a lot of resin on the table.

And the dice fly!

This Titan earned the nickname Midas over the course of the game since it became an easy way to identify that people were shooting at him.

Had the sole survivor of the Knight Banner, or the Perennia Warhound survived, the battle may have gone in favor of the Imperium.  Such is the uncertainty of war.


Two lovely Perennia engines supported by a Knight Banner.

Such an assortment of colors, sure to please Slaanesh.

Two of the new Warbringer Titans made an appearance.


The LEDs in the Perennia engines were a hit, and look especially menacing on the Warbringer.


The Titans were a big draw during the day and got quite a lot of looks.

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  1. Brilliant stuff, I hope everyone had a great time! Lovely looking Titans, I really like the colourful assortment of Chaos Titans.