Monday, 29 April 2019

Warlord Titan No.838 - Ultima Ratio, Legio Atarus

Certificate Number: 838
Titan Name: Ultima Ratio
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: Mars Beta-Pattern 
Primary Armament: Belicosa Volcano Cannon, Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, Apocalypse Missile Launchers 
Princeps: Princeps Senioris Kekkonen
Titan Legio: Legio Atarus

Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord (838); Reaver (2604); Warhound (5447)
Owner: Kalle L.
Location: Finland

Comments: After finishing the Warhound some months ago I took a while to paint actual minis but visions from the Omnissiah drew me to look at new God-Engines to build. The warlord is everything I love about the over-the-top universe of 40k and I've longed after it ever since I first saw it. It all started when I spotted the Beta-pattern head unit in ebay aaaand then the rest happened. So basically I bought the head first (Which is done), then the weapons (Which are WIP but getting close to completion) and now the body has arrived and building can begin. 

Target is to have this precious God-Engine ready for the biggest national nerd convention RopeCon in July, where it can hopefully inspire others to pick up the hobby.
Here's the gallery of the finished model:

Look at that finish. So smooth and matte. What an Engine.

The exhaust soot is beautiful. 

Optics have been painted very well.

Cracking pose!

Look at that Sunfury!

A happy and proud Princeps

The subtle use of weathering in the recesses is fantastic.

Titan Owners Club
Work in Progress:
Piles and piles of awesome!
 Look at those internals. Exceptional work.

 Beautiful plasma conduits right there!

Engine is coming along great!

"The pictures are pretty big, but imgur album here:"


  1. Brilliant work so far, love the colour scheme for Atarus and your work is sweet. Love that plasma OSL and glow as well as the colour for the interior bulkheads of the Beta Head. My favourite design head too - I'm hoping for similar for the Warbringer. Great job so far, good luck with finishing for July!

    1. Thanks! The project has progressed much faster than I anticipated. Right now the body and weapons are very close to finished but some highlighting, weathering and oil wash work is still needed there. It'll be one hell of a mess when I get the oils out at this scale, but the end result is so much better than with acrylic wash.

      Once to body and weapons are done I'll start working on the armor plates. I'll post some updated WIP pictures soon!