Monday, 22 April 2019

Warlord Titan No.762- Cyra'jal, Legio Fureans

Certificate Number: 762
Titan Name: Cyra’jal
Pattern: Mars-Alpha
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha.
Primary Armament: 2 Belicosa Volcano Cannons, 2 Warlord Laser Blasters
Princeps: Vayu Acharya
Titan Legio: Legio Fureans
Battle Maniple Composition: Devastra VIII (MWHAWOC9, MRT2199, WLT762)

Owner: Josh G.
Location: Basel, Switzerland



Lovely Legion iconography

The Princeps is caught up on his data, and now stands ready for battle.

AMAZING work to get that Chaos flair.

Great work on the rear of the Titan.

Love how the colors are broken up.

I think she means business.  The changes to the faceplate are subtle but noticeable.

Maybe we can find out how the banners were done.

Very detailed work on the observation deck.  Really like the hazard stripe on the edge.

For Chaos!

A fantastic engine.

Striding the battlefield, she is certainly a god.

There is nothing she cannot kill.


  1. Wonderful Engine, Glorious, even for Traitorous scum ;)

  2. Great to see some one else doing Chaosifications to their fallen titans. Nice work.

  3. Fantastic work - I bet many packets of putty died to make his Chaos Runes! :)

    1. Thanks :-)
      It took me two and a half pack of Army painter green stuff to make the stars and arrows and 1/3 of a miliput pack for the spikes and triangles.

  4. Wow, fantastic runes!
    This is, how I want to do mine, too.

    Really great work

    1. Thank you my fellow brother of chaos. :-)
      To create the runes, I made first of all some green stuff sausages and pressed them gently on the surface so they would stick, but weren‘t entirely flat. After that, I took an old, dull pencil and pressed the side of its tip into the green stuff to create the appearence of the surface.