Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Adeptus Titanicus - Downloadable Knight Command Terminals

Downloadable command terminals? Yes, please!  The below came direct from Warhammer Community, so it's definitely a good day.

If you’ve been inspired by the new rules in the recent Adeptus Titanicus expansion, Doom of Molech, to build your own Knightly host, you may have noticed that you need an awful lot of Command Terminals for your Household. Today Thomas Clarke, one of the game’s writers, is here with a solution…

One the most exciting offerings in Doom of Molech is the opportunity to field a force consisting solely of Knights. Though each Knight is weaker than any single Titan, the assembled might of a Household can tear apart a full Titan maniple with massed firepower and unbreakable courage.

When building a Knight Household you’ll need at least three Banners – enough to form a single Lance – and this number grows ever larger as games increase in points. While you can never have too many Knights, the space required for Command Terminals becomes larger and larger as your Household grows and in the grandest of games you may find yourself running out of table depending on your space.

Well fear not, gallant Knight Scion, for we come to you with a solution. Since the release of Adeptus Titanicus and throughout the evolution of the game, our Sacristans have been working hard to bring you a new way to marshal your Banners upon the battlefield. And here it is!

Today we’re releasing a downloadable PDF of the Knight Command Terminal for both Cerastus and Questoris Banners, as well as one for each of the three classes of Titan currently in the game. They’ve been converted into a handy smaller format. Nothing has changed but the size, so they’re not designed to replace those Terminals you already have, but rather to supplement them. Simply print them off and use them like any other Terminal.

This is particularly useful when fielding an entire force of Knights, as it allows you to easily add additional units to your collection. If you find yourself wanting to split a Banner, or add different Knight patterns to test how a new army plays, then these Terminals are the solution for you. What’s more, you can easily expand the size of your games, allowing two Households to fight for glory without wondering just where you’ll put all those Terminals.

So gather your Banners, strengthen your Household and get ready for battle – fielding Knights in Adeptus Titanicus has never been easier.

You can add new Knights to your collection now with the Questoris Knights and Cerastus Knights boxed sets.

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