Friday, 26 July 2019

Adeptus Titanicus- Crusade Titan Legions

The July White Dwarf brought us some serious goodies for the Adeptus Titanicus setting.  White Dwarf has been delivering on missions, lore, and more and this time we get the opportunity to build our own Titan Legions!  Fancied stealing some of the wargear or abilities of other Titan Legions (fitting, given the Blood Ravens got an index this month)?  Want to make certain stratagems your key feature but for a good price?  These rules let you do just that.

This is going to be a golden opportunity for players who like to do their own homebrew stuff (Shadow plays Astorum in AT, but representing his Legio Kurogane is a different matter in 28mm scale), or for those playing a popular Legio but awaiting rules.  It behaves really easily: you get four picks of your choice from Legio Traits, Stratagems, and Wargear with you only able to pick two maximum from those categories.  White Dwarf actually explains it really well.

Of note is that the stratagem selection is based on existing ones, so there is nothing new here.  Shadow will definitely be using these for the US National event in October to bring his Legio to life.  What about you?  Hit up the comments.


  1. Good to see you play the mighty Astorum in AT :) These will be great for doing homebrew Legios, for AT I am torn betwen Legio Fureans yellow Titans and repeating my gold and blue 28mm Titans of Legio Astorum - but the homebrew Crusading Legion traits might give me the opportunity to paint a yellow Legio that are not traitorius scum :)

  2. I like the idea of combining my different Legio painted titans into a "Crusade" force made up from survives of different legios, Titans of traitor legios that stayed loyal ect. This way I can build them as a force.

    1. They actually have a Legio Trait specifically designed to reflect an offshoot of an otherwise Loyalist or Traitor Titan Legion. :)