Monday, 14 October 2019

Warlord Titan No.819 - Ignes Irae, Legio Magna

Certificate Number: 000819
Titan Name: Ignes Irae
Pattern: Mars-Alpha
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament: 2 Mori Quake Cannons (Alternatively: 2 Belicosa Volcano Cannons), 2 Warlord Laser Blasters
Princeps: Astarius Xartal
Titan Legio: Legio Magna
Battle Maniple Composition: -

Owner: Marc B
Location: Hesse, Germany
Comments: The idea behind the titan’s color scheme is that it should resemble a burning fire of hatred with the glowing pieces of wood on the legs, the burning fire in the centre and the smoke on the shoulders.



A very fierce face visor.

The Princeps is coming along nicely.

A powerful pose for powerful weapons.

A nice mottled effect.

A good base is forming.

The Rite of Colours is progressing well.

Excellent use of the metallic to break up the profile since non-metallic are on the trim.

A lot of colors in play on this Titan.

She inches closer and closer to walking for the Traitors' cause.


A mean engine arrayed for war.

Great flame work on the head.

She has a great stride and her scenic base is looking great too.

It certainly evokes the imagery of a God-Machine like in the novels.

What are the might of daemons, Custodes, and the Astra Militarum compared to a Titan?

Princeps before and after the fall.

Engine up to date as of 14-11-19


  1. Love the mottled metallic armour up top.

  2. The mottled metallic on top and the flames making the transition from the orange breast to the top look really great.