Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Reaver Titan No.2575 - Comedentis Seculorum, Legio Xestobiax

Number: Reaver 002575
Titan: Comedentis Seculorum (meaning Eater of Worlds)
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: Mars Reaver Pattern
Weapons: Melta Cannon, Battle Titan Laser Blaster, Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Princeps: Ionicia Auretina
Legio: Legio Xestobiax 
Maniple Composition: No Maniple yet

Owner: Zoey G
Location: Lancashire, UK
Comments: Currently only washed, no painting or assembly started

Lovely fresh bags of resin goodness, I spy a Melta Cannon
The new Battle Titan Laser Blaster
Apocalypse Missile Launcher
The Titan armaments
And, the main event, the Reaver Battle Titan torso, legs and head unit.

Thanks for joining TOC and registering your Engine Princeps Zoey, we look forward to seeing you progress.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph.

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