Saturday, 30 November 2019

Titanguard 2019

The first Titanguard Festival was celebrated in 2016 when several Titan owners took pictures of their God-Machines guarding over Christmas gifts, wearing Santa hats, and other festive activities.  This tradition has continued and it's time for the 2019 edition of the Titanguard Festival, including the poem.  

Titanguard Festival 2019 needs your help! We'd love to see pictures of your Engines getting into the festivities and get them involved.  What will you send us?  

Will your Warlord be crushing gifts underfoot?  Will a Warhound jealously guard that red and shiny box? Will the Warbringer bomb the fruitcake from range? 

What is Titanguard?

Titanguard is, simply put, a quick celebration of the Holidays that involves your Titan(s) getting in the spirit.  All it involves is a picture of your Titan(s) or Knight Banners doing Christmas (or whichever celebration you follow) things, such as guarding the tree, protecting the presents, dressing as Santa, and so much more.

Venator Lupus guards over Shadow's tree and the tree fruit (presents), reminding all that they must wait until Dec. 25th

And the name?

Titanguard is a playful riff on the Secutarii, the Titan Guard, of the Legios.  In the same way that they guard our beloved Titans, so too do our Titans now guard playful Christmas traditions of the past as well as the presents (pun intended) of now.  

What started it?

One of the TOC members (Jonathan F, owner of Imperio Cruentissiumus and Frigora Mordent) is a madman.  He was experimenting with the idea of having playful fun and getting Christmas hats for his Titans in order to celebrate.  It snowballed from there when Drake and Shadow took the idea and ran with it....just don't let Shadow name the festivals anymore, right?

Imperio Cruentissiumus and Frigora Mordent show their support for Santa.

How do I take part?

The heart of Titanguard is TOC itself.  The festival will be as big as you guys want it to be.  All you need to do is send us a single picture (like the two above) and you'll be part of this. 


1.) Take a single picture of your Titan(s) or Banner(s) in the holiday spirit.  They can be under the tree, wrapped up in Christmas lights, next to the presents, guarding over the decorating of the tree, pestering (read as annihilating) the Elf on the Shelf, or any other such Holiday related stuff.

2.) Avoid any overt advertising or suggestive imagery, or anything that is unsafe to you or your Titan.  Also, only Forge World/GW engines should be in the image.

3.) Email or your image with the subject line of "Titanguard Festival- Titan Name"  While we know many of your Titans by look, we cannot always call the names up from memory and we want to make sure you get your chance in the spotlight.  If you have a special caption you'd like use, place it in the body of that email.  And please use the two emails listed above, regardless of which portion of the world you're in.  Those two emails are the specific ones handling Titanguard and sending your emails to the other addresses will result in you missing out by accident (this happened last year, sadly).

All Titanguard Festival entries must be in by 21-12-18 in order to take part, especially since a friend is helping us make the final part of the celebration.

What's the end result?

Titanguard will show off your lovely engines and pictures.  On Friday the 13th, the first round of pictures will be posted.  On Monday the 23rd, we'll post the second round.  All of these will be individual pictures with different captions to them.  The final part, the close of Titanguard, is a collage picture of all the images that we receive, bringing our Titans together to celebrate Christmas.  And of course 'Twas the Night Before Titanguard will be up for your reading pleasure.

Have fun, TOC.

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