Monday, 30 December 2019

Update Warlord Titan No.771 - Lux Justorum, 30-12-19

Word from Princeps Daniel reached us on Lux Justorum, who suffered a nasty bit of damage and has since been repaired.

Finished my Warlord awhile back and had a couple of Apocalypse games with my Knights. Here’s some pictures.  


The Warlord and her House Terryn allies.

The battle damage from a fall.  Very distressing, but the story ends well.

Armor panel stripped off for repairs, rebounded, and then fully smoothed over again.

Just like new!


  1. Superb job on the repair and great fitting Banner of Knights!

    1. Thanks Siph! Been painting House Terryn since I started the hobby and drew the lucky straw in realizing House Terryn and the Legio Astorum went to war together often as shown in the Titandeath campaign book for AT.