Thursday, 23 January 2020

Update - Warbringer Nemesis Titan No.065 - The Jorg, Legio Quake

Certificate Number: 065
Titan Name: The Jorg
Pattern: Warbringer Nemesis Titan.
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha Warlord head now replaced with Mars-Beta Warlord Head
Primary Armament: Nemesis Quake cannon, Gatling Blaster, Volcano Cannon.
Princeps: The Makron
Titan Legio: Legio Quake
Battle Maniple Composition: 1 Warbringer Nemesis Titan (065); Warlord Titan (873).
Owner: Rune M.
Location: Odsherred, Denmark.

Comments: Here are some follow up pictures of the progress on The Jorg. 
Also changed the head from Mars-Alpha Warlord head to a Mars-Beta Warlord head. And the idea that going for a combination of dark blue and yellow just didn't work. So went for red and white. Should be done soon. 

Best regards Princeps Rune.

Update Photos:
Getting all the correct toes in place
Nice braced Leg positioning
Pinned for strength
The Rites of Colour commence, a lovely metallic hue on the brass hip plates
Beautiful detailing and weathering on the armour plates
This Warbringer is coming together nicely now, weathering is top-notch.
A fantastic custom colourscheme
The body undergoing the Rites of Construction, you can really see the brace position now and a lovely WHW exclusive Mars-Beta Head Unit which suits the Warbringer Nemesis.
Continued fantastic weathering Princeps Rune M. has achieved here. Nearly at the finish line!
Thanks for sharing the progress with all of us at TOC, we look forward to the completed photos soon, and perhaps a visit from across the North Sea to a UK Walk in the future?

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, EUR/UK Admin.

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  1. I love the look of this engine so much - the paintwork is just exquisite! Really looking forward to seeing this beauty of an engine completed!