Monday, 3 February 2020

New Adeptus Titanicus Pre-Order Inbound

Well, that was fast:

Note: All images and credit for them go to Warhammer Community.

We already knew the contents of the boxed set, but it's actually available for pre-order starting next weekend, on the 8th.  Can't complain, right?

And we're already getting the Warbringer:

And you'll be able to swap the arms between the Reaver and the Warbringer.  How cool is that?

If you thought it would stop at the new box and the Warbringer, you're dead wrong.  This release is going to be huge.

There's also the Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis terrain set.

The campaign book also comes out, yet another way to kill your wallet.

This 97-page book also details the Psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister, including the Warlord Sinister. Shadow and Iron, as well as Titandeath and Doom of Molech are coming to digital!

An interesting, but very welcome change, is that new Titans will actually come with their command terminals.  Definitely good news.  Though, these new terminals are card-style, so we'll see how the quality stacks up.  However, the heavier board versions we currently have will be available separately.

And finally, the end of the gauntlet.  Transfers!!!  Astorum, Ignatum, and Metalica rejoice!


  1. Glad of those Astorum decals if I decide to paint my mini Titans to match my big Titans?!

    1. I'm buying at least two sheets. And now I can fully finish my Warlord,Astorum Victorix, since the decals were the hold up.