Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Shadow and Iron Preview - What Does it Cover?

Warhammer Community left us some new stuff to ponder over before Shadow and Iron goes up for pre-order this weekend.  This is great news for Adeptus Titanicus fans and even offers some hope for future 28mm Titan releases, ESPECIALLY fans of the Ordo Sinister.

Note: All images are the property of Warhammer Community and sourced by them.

Shadow and Iron will cover the battles in the Realm of Ultramar during the Shadow Crusade, focusing on the battles of Ithraca and beyond (Honour to the Dead audio drama) and the Legio Praesagius.  Then it moves to the Campaign of Iron.

The Shadow Crusade was so bitterly fought and the Imperium filled with such hate and vengeance that they turned the Ordo Sinister loose.  The new campaign book features this new engine and Forge World itself will have this "new" Titan available for pre-order this weekend.

The book then moves on to the Crusade of Iron. Where the Legios Praesagius and Oberon were drawn into a deadly ambush on Espandor.

This new book will include five narrative play missions, alongside rules and background for six Titan Legions and six Knight Houses that fought in the twin crusades. And if you love Legio Audax and Ursus Claws....


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