Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Mars Warhound Titan No.6033 - Melle Conterere, Legio Vulcanum

Certificate Number: 6033
Titan Name: Melle Conterere
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound
Primary Armament: Plasma Blastgun, Inferno Cannon
Princeps: Unknown
Titan Legio: Legio Vulcanum
Battle Maniple Composition: 6033 and 3495
Owner: Lauren C
Location: Buckinghamshire, UK
Comments: this is my first full scale Titan. It is a secondhand Titan project named after my rescue dog. I chose Legio Vulcanum because I wanted a traitor army and I like the teal with the graphite go well great together. 

Work in Progress:
 The Engine has been assembled very well.

 Lauren will be paint stripping some areas before she starts her Vulcanum scheme from fresh.

It is actually pretty good to receive a well assembled Titan.

Proud owner and her first Engine.

Titan Owners Club