Monday, 1 June 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 9

Hello Titan fans, another week of fabrication and more Titans undergoing the Rites of Construction from our Princeps fabricators. We are drawing nearer to a release of 'lockdown' this week in the UK and a return to a new normal and as such I will round these posts up next week with a final where we have got to and how far we have progressed with our Titan projects. I hope we have inspired at least on fabricator out there to get progressing with their own Titan projects, and from the number of scheduled registrations and update posts we have had arrive in the TOC noosphere, we know it has been a busy Titan time!

As always, stay safe, stay well and I hope your respective areas are driving towards a new normal at the end of this pandemic.

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - Congratulations to Princeps Majoris Halfpenny, he completed his second Legio Crucius Reaver Titan, now named "Primus Secutar". In his own words - "Princeps Majoris Halfpenny would like to confirm the completion of Primus Secutar of Legio Crucius. The Titan has had the final coats of paint, and then decals added. I’ve made my own decals for the symbols and legends. The LED’s are built into the head, with the power supplied from sources in the torso. Really happy with the final results and look!"

Princeps Seniores Martin S - Whilst no Titans were progressed, the new Titan Hangar was made and the gamesroom progressed nicely. A very enviable space you have! TOC UK Staff are looking forward to having some games over at his Forge!

Princeps Phil - Phil decided to take it one step further it seems! Also an entire redecoration of his Titan Hangar and new shiny cabinets, they look superb and big enough for Warlord Titans! Progress has also continued on the Chaos Reaver, superb paint work and visage Phil has managed to do.

Princeps Simon W and Princeps Tony H have not progressed anything this week, busy with other hobby related stuff, 30K and whatnot - but Princeps Simon promises a complete Titan next week to end on a high!

Princeps Maximus Shadow - Our own TOC US Liege Lord ;) Shadow has been busy this week adding allied House Terryn Knights (I think) to Walk alongside his Legio Astorum Maniple for AT.

Princeps Majoris Siph - And I have had some cracking progress this week, after completing the internal paintwork last week I progressed by constructing the legs and torso and magnetised the arms to take the newly designed Battle Titan Weapons interchangeable with the Reaver and Warbringer. I also magnetised the waist for ease of transport.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC Admin

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  1. Yep, House Terryn. Pic is early stages and sadly I got distracted yesterday building an AT Reaver. Whoops.