Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Thunderhawk No.725 - High Wind, Seventh Primaire of the Second Wing

Certificate Number: Mk II Thunderhawk Gunship 725
Aircraft Name: “High Wind”
Primary Armament: Turbo-laser Destructor
Aircraft Commander: Brother-Captain Naasif
Battle Squadron Composition: Seventh Primaire of the Second Wing

Owner: Justin F.
Location: Arizona, USA

  • Mk I is the original metal kit.
  • Mk II is the initial resin version. This kit is horribly “advanced” but they sold so few during its run it was cheaper to send out replacement parts rather than rework the kit.
  • Mk III was the reworked kit that came out during the first two editions of Apocalypse. With the popularity of the kit now that it was field-able, it finally got a proper rework.
  • Mk IV is the current updated version.
Great progress on the build, nearly airworthy already.
Certificate of Authenticity

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