Friday, 1 January 2021

New Year, New Titan

Hi all. 

It looks as though a new Titan has just been teased by Warhammer Community. It is looking very very nice too. 
So firstly the engine vents are the same quantity as the Warlord Titan at the top of the construct which leads me to believe it is a big Engine. It looks as though it is also utilising a bit of AA weaponry.  Perhaps the main carapace weapons are missing from this shot, or maybe this Class does not have carapace weaponry?
The Plasma weapon shown appears to be 4x barreled but cruciform design from this pic. There are 2 couplings which is a bit new, half way along the conduits/magnetic loops. The elbow sockets look similar to the Warlord design rather than the Battle Titan line, so maybe this is a big titan class?
Here we have a top of thigh (also goes along with the position of the Plasma weapon). It appears that the crotch armour is a bit akin to the layering on the Brass Scorpion (another beautiful model). 
Here you can see the Stabilisers are actually embedded in the chest armour instead of standing proud like they do on the Warlord, and the hip piston ring. The segmented armour also seems to go a bit higher. Perhaps its a modern version of this old concept art? This also lacks a carapace armament, notably absent from the preview imagery?
Well, all together the images of the Preview have been put into some semblance of order and position and give the following clue to the new AT Titan looks. Maybe heavyweight weaponry for Arms and lacks any significant Carapace weapons, or the carapace weapon is absent from the images on the preview? 

(Image tile courtesy of AT28mm FB and originals on WarComm)

Well it’s a very attractive Engine already. Can’t wait to see it fully revealed. 

Titan Owners Club. 


  1. Looks like an AT model, some sort of variant of the nemesis warbringer from the looks of it

  2. i have seen pics here and there of a warbringer with a plasma carapace weapon. although i think that was modded, maybe hat is what this is.

    1. That’s Lord Halfpenny’s Conversion here, but this is a different class entirely from the Warbringer.