Friday, 18 June 2021

Reaver Titan No.2661 - Ultimi Judicii, Legio Victorum

Certificate Number: 2661
Titan Name: Ultimi judicii- (The Last Judgement)
Primary Armament: Titan Power Claw, Battle Titan Melta Cannon, carapace Apocalypse Missile Launcher, optional Battle Titan Laser Blaster and Carapace Turbo Laser Destructor.
Princeps: #CLASSIFIED#
Titan Legio: Legio Victorum
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord Titan (869); Warbringer Nemesis (252); Reaver (2442); Reaver (2661); Warhound (3063-1); Warhound (4045).

Owner: Adie H
Location: South Yorkshire UK
Comments: 2661 had a sketchy start, as I was unlucky with receiving an initial bad cast from Forge World, it had too many problems to sort out sadly. I took the faulty one back for this replacement. They kindly let me keep the cert 2661. I wanted to use this as part of its naming, as a second attempt, the second coming, a quick Internet search along those lines brought up The Last Judgement! I thought it was fitting for this Titan! Photographed with its sister Reaver from the Maniple 2661 and 2442 together!

Menacing pose and great heat staining the Melta Cannon
Alternative Carapace Turbo Laser Destructor
A great striding stance

With its sister Titan 2442

Great weathering and certificate number appears on the carapace and knee

Lovely Imperial Aquila design atop the Apocalypse Missile Launcher

Melta Cannon heat shield applied
Another great titan added to Princeps Adie's large Maniple, really great progress, I hear a Warbringer Nemesis is next on the to-do list...

Thankyou to Princeps Adie for registering another superb Titan.

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