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This area is to be used as a repository of all Titan Owners Club helpful and informative data. Check back regularly as this list will be updated.

Current Club Strength.
86 Warlord Titans
1 Warbringer Titans
93 Reaver Titans
145 Warhound Titans

Total: 325 Engines on Titan Owners Club.

Xenos Club Strength.
26 Xenos Titans/Super Heavies

Knight Banner Club Strength.
1 Renegade Knight Banner (3 Knights)
4 Imperial Knight Banners (14 Knights)
1 Xenos Knight Banner (3 Wraithknights)

Official Legio Searches.
Legio Astorum - See Titans.
Legio Atarus - See Titans.
Legio Audax - See Titans.
Legio Crucius - See Titans.
Legio Fureans - See Titans.
Legio Gryphonicus - See Titans.
Legio Ignatum - See Titans.
Legio Metalica - See Titans.
Legio Mortis - See Titans.
Legio Pallidus Mor - See Titans.
Legio Perennia - See Titans.
Legio Suturvora - See Titans.
Legio Vindictus - See Titans.
Legio Xestobiax - See Titans.

Collegia Titanica Searches.
To see our Warhound Collegia Titanica articles - See Articles

Titan Literature Review Searches.
To see our current Titan Literature Review articles - See Articles

Titan Owner Interview Searches.
To see the interviews of the Titan owners that have been conducted. - See Articles

Adeptus Titanicus Searches.
To see the TOC coverage of Adeptus Titanicus. - See Articles

Completed Titans.
To see completed Titans - Details.

Painting Guides.
To see the painting guides provided by TOC members. - Details.

To see the unboxings done by TOC. - Details.
Warhound Unboxing by Alduin Hearth - Details.

TOC Builds.
To see the Warlord build done by TOC. - Details.

30mm Madness - Guides for pinning, Chrome work, Lighting (coming soon), Assembly and dimensions - Visit the site.

Weemen - Guides for Warlord Superstructure Assembly - Visit the site.

Two Titans- Guides and articles for assembly, pinning, and more. - Visit the site.

Techpriest - Mechanicum and Reaver Titan articles - Visit the site.

Titan Owners Club

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