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This area is to be used as a repository of all Titan Owners Club helpful and informative data. Check back regularly as this list will be updated.

Current Club Strength.
110 Warlord Titans
17 Warbringer Titans
124 Reaver Titans
184 Warhound Titans

Total: 435 Engines on Titan Owners Club.

Xenos Club Strength.
30 Xenos Titans/Super Heavies

Knight Banner Club Strength.
1 Renegade Knight Banner (3 Knights)
5 Imperial Knight Banners (17 Knights)
1 Xenos Knight Banner (3 Wraithknights)

Official Legio Searches.
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Collegia Titanica Searches.
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Titan Literature Review Searches.
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Titan Owner Interview Searches.
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Adeptus Titanicus Searches.
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Completed Titans.
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Painting Guides.
To see the painting guides provided by TOC members. - Details.

To see the unboxings done by TOC. - Details.
Warhound Unboxing by Alduin Hearth - Details.

TOC Builds.
To see the Warlord build done by TOC. - Details.

30mm Madness - Guides for pinning, Chrome work, Lighting (coming soon), Assembly and dimensions - Visit the site.

Weemen - Guides for Warlord Superstructure Assembly - Visit the site.

Two Titans- Guides and articles for assembly, pinning, and more. - Visit the site.

Techpriest - Mechanicum and Reaver Titan articles - Visit the site.

Titan Owners Club

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  1. Would it be ok to include in some way on my titan or the base the heraldry of the titan owners club? Does anyone know how to get or make the banners that hang from the guns?