Friday, 3 February 2017

Gigantic game of Adeptus Titanicus Floorhammer!

Hi all.

I am here watching the new Adeptus Titanicus game carried out with 28mm scale Titans. 

The game seems fast and pacey. 

There are modifiers to to hit rolls (such as -1 if partially obstructed by a building. 

Reactors are powered up and down to boost shields/strength of certain weapons and move faster. For instance a Reaver can move 6" as standard or 9" if he pushes his reactors. 

Reactor overload actions are worked out at the end of the game turn. They can result in several different results like loosing shields, or prevent yourself from firing further Plasma weaponary or even reactor meltdown. 

The game acts akin to chess where each unit takes it in turn to do an action. Turning the Titans have limits in 45 degree angles and cost movement or action points. 

Each Titan runs a command panel as below where all information such as the one below. 

They list the weapons that the Engine is equipped with, arcs of fire,range etc. It also enables you to keep track or apply special actions and keep track of that Titans activities. 

When a Titan is hit without shields, the location of the hit (effected by arc of the strike) is rolled and damage is calculated against that part. Damage points are applied and damage strength is rolled to see how bad the damage is. It can result in reactor leaks, basic armour damage (easier to damage in the future) and even Engine Death. 

Damage can be repaired by Servitor units which obviously costs actions. 

The buildings used are Cad onto Foamboard of the modular plastic buildings that will be available to buy to assemble as you desire.

Hopefully I can get Bone Garland down and involved on Sunday. 

Drake Seta


  1. Dude, I'm so happy to here BG will take the field against (or maybe with) a fully functional Bellator Ferrum!

    1. I want pictures!!!! That would be way too cool to see.

  2. Would like to make some of the full scale buildings.

  3. That's so awesome. Seriously seriously jealous.