Thursday, 9 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus- Getting In

Another day, another review from Warhammer Community about what is to come in Adeptus Titanicus.  This time, they're letting us in on building your battlegroup and some of the benefits you'll see by building around a maniple.  They're also giving a brief review of the contents in the Rules Set.

The maniple will be the core of your force, but you'll be able to bring in support units such as Knights or other Titans.  To say the least, this will give you tactical flexibility in your games.

And look at that terrain!

Images courtesy of Warhammer Community


  1. I’ll have to buy another full scale 40K Reaver now... Axiom Battle Maniple 40k style!

  2. Were Reaver titans part of the initial release?

    1. Warhammer Community and the White Dwarf are both reporting that the Reaver won't be for a little bit longer. I think only the Warlords and Knights are going to drop at release. We'll know more tomorrow.