Saturday, 23 September 2017

Walk 2017 USA- Event in Review

In the distant past of M3, Titans did battle with one another, long before the outbreak of Horus' rebellion.  In the now lost City of New Orleans, Princeps turned their guns upon one another in a battle that not even Holy Mars remembers.  How did this come to be?  And what can Traitor and Loyalist alike learn from this?

The Walk 2017- USA was admittedly not a major success in terms of total attendance due to hurricanes, health issues, and other engagements in life coming up.  Where the Walk was succesful is the four Princeps from across the U.S. coming together, with three bringing their Titans and engaging in a giant game on a 12' by 15' board with large terrain and larger armies.  It's greatest successes were the production of laughs and smiles, the introduction of people to a new city, and newly formed friendships.

And now we invite you to enjoy the pictures from the event.  Further pics will be added to this article as they come in.

Walk 2017 USA:

The lovely Pertinax Montem.

Pertinax Montem and Rex Submersi, kings of the battle.

The battle's major players share the stage.  Six Titans attended with a plethora of Knights from all players, Grayson S. having five.  Can't wait to see his Knight Banner when it's time to post it.

Dan and Shadow showing off Warhound internals.

The battlefield itself.

Shadow's first chance to field a Warhound Hunting Pack as in the lore as this was Storm Born's debut.

Princeps "War" made a later appearance, his Lucius Warhound to be featured later on TOC as the details of his Titan are still being ironed out.

Dan S. and Shadow developed a friendly rivalry, with the Kurogane Warhounds smelling Traitor blood.

The true stars of the show were the Reavers.

Dan and Grayson with their dueling Reavers.

And what a show they put on.

The three fighting Princeps before the game.

When Titans hit the field, everything looks tiny.

GW Riverbend Visit:

Some of the Titans made the trip to the local GW store.

And even got quick games in.

With smiles all around, even when a Titan knew defeat.

Dan and Grayson met Chaz, the GW: Riverbend manager.

What will next year hold in store?  And are you ready to be part of that story?


  1. It's great when you have to book entire conference rooms to 'play WeeMen'. Shame the USA is such a vast country, I bet that limits some attendances, hopefully next year has dozens of Engines! Regardless of numbers, I do very much hope you all had a great time! It's a fab idea, and I look forward (job willing) for the inaugural UK TOC Walk Drake? ;)

    1. The size of the country does limit the attendance because it makes it very cost prohibitive to travel like that. We're exploring the possibility of having to run the U.S. events with four different subregions in order to make it more viable. And I know that I had a great time myself. I had already considered Grayson and Dan friends before I got there, but getting to hang out with them in the flesh was a blast and we had fun. It was good to show them a city I'm fond of.

  2. It was a blast. New Orleans is a pretty cool city. I would definitely do this again.

    Met some good people, all in all a really good time.

    Also hats off the the Contemptor blessed by the dark gods who kept taking volcano and melta Cannon shots to the face and shrugging like "that all ya got? You're not so tough."

  3. Would so look forwards to a UK walk.

  4. Well done on the first walk Shadow. Will only get bigger and better (providing no more Storms roll in).
    Can't believe how close those Reavers got to one another!!

    1. Hurricanes suck. Any Gulf and East coast based events in the U.S. from now on definitely won't be planned during the peak of hurricane season. And yeah, those Reavers tore into one another at close range. Though they pretty much needed 6's to do anything. There were a lot of great quotes in that game, but the Reavers had so many of the memorable moments.

  5. Drake, he took a chainfist. I had to take mine too:)

  6. Absolutely fantastic, wish so much that I had been able to make the trip. Hopefully the future will be kinder in that regard. So thrilled at seeing the pics of the Pinceps obviously having a great time!