Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Warlord Leg Build- Phase II

Today we're continuing the build tutorial on the Warlord legs and taking them to completion (with the exception of the armor plates).  Phase II of the Mars Pattern Warlord begins now.

This tutorial assumes that you've already cleaned the release agent from the parts as well as removed the gates and flash.  

Materials Needed:

  • Super glue
  • JB Weld
  • Q-tips
  • Hand drill or Dremel tool with drill bits
  • Drill
  • Pinning material
  • 1" and 2.5" screws  (There are no images of setting the screws due to the need for speed in this process and it being hard to apply screws and take pictures at the same time.)
  • A partner to assist with setting the legs (Optional)

Step 1: Place a small piece of tape over the pilot hole that you drilled in Legs Phase I.  This is to keep your JB Weld from seeping through the hole and leaking onto your work surface.  Not shown in the images below are the paper that was used for this protective measure.  Score the inside of the foot pad in order to help increase the bonding surface of the parts.  The ankle joints are already effectively set up like this.  JB Weld is the best bonding agent for this process as it will produce a strong bond on what is effectively the third most important joint in the entire build.  JB Quick Weld can be used here and it does provide a powerful enough set, especially if screws are being used to pin the ankles, knees, and hips.  Set the JB Weld into the divot of the foot pad and place the legs in your chosen alignment for the pose (not shown).  Once the legs begin to properly cure, use the JB Weld with a threaded screw technique shown in Legs Phase I.

Step 2: While the legs cure, clean up the ankle pistons and wait until the legs are completely finished setting.

Step 3: Place the hip piston rings over the hips BEFORE applying glue to the ball and socket joints for the hips.  DO NOT forget the rings [Many a modeler has done this, myself included though I remembered almost immediately after putting the JB Weld on- Shadow]  Also, DO NOT apply JB Weld to the rings as they are meant to freely float at this stage and will lock into place when doing the pistons.  Once a secure enough bond has formed between the legs and the hips, 2.5" screws with the threads coated with JB Weld Steel Reinforced can be used to strengthen the joint and act as pins.  Do not use larger than 2.5" as they can potential puncture out of the joint or, depending on the pose, damage one another.  Cut the resin around the hip screw flush as this will be hidden later in the build process.

Step 4: If you wish, or will not be using an airbrush, place the ankle pistons on the legs.  These parts add a lot of extra stability to the legs and remove a lot of rocking issues (even though JB Weld and screws should be enough, they aren't, as reported by multiple Warlord owners) and grant the legs additional stability.  Super glue can be used here, or JB Weld if you prefer a more powerful bond.  Use a Q-tip to remove excess glue.

Step 5: Score the hip gyros for added bonding area for the glue and use super glue to apply the hip gyro to the joint with the thigh.  This will hide the screws used to pin the hips and thighs of the Titan.

Step 6: Cut the hip piston pieces to length as necessary and glue the pistons to the hip piston ring and the Titan's legs.  This process will lock the hip piston rings in place.  Super glue is sufficient for this step.  The armor panels that go between the Warlord's toes snap into place.

The legs of your Warlord Titan are now complete.


  1. Nice tips, I am glad I didn't forget to put on the piston ring first! I'm yet to fix the ankle pistons and look forward to the increased stability they offer as the single ball joint looks exposed on its own, but so far so good, is quite stable.

    1. That was exactly what I worried about the whole time as well! It wouldn't have been the first time i forgot to put an important part on!

      Once again thanks wolf! these tutorials are excellent!