Friday, 13 March 2020

Adeptus Titanicus - Shadow and Iron - Narrative Missions and Campaign Additions

Like other supplements before it, Shadow and Iron comes with several Narrative Play missions.  It also arrives with expanded campaign rules.

Of all of the Narrative Play missions so far, these are perhaps the best of the bunch.  While following the usual pattern of telling the story of the lore, these missions feel much more ingrained than usual.  They reflect the battles they tell and the rules are well written.  In particular the underground and demon spire missions look absolutely fantastic.

Shifting focus we get to the campaigns.  While these are nothing new in Titanicus they have been refreshed since their first incarnation.  The core of the campaign system is still in place but small tweaks have been added, especially for the Knights.  Where this book really adds more depth is in both the new sub-sector map campaigns and the optional (advanced) campaign rules.  These offer a new toolbox for your games and campaigns in Titanicus and provide a more extensive experience that is also replete with additional storytelling opportunities.

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