Friday, 30 November 2018

300! Titans, not Spartans!

2018 has been an absolutely wild year for Titan Owners Club.  We hit 200 Titans in March.  Fast forward to the end of November and we have already hit the Third Century.  That is a LOT of registered Titans.  We still aren't done!

Tomorrow has our 301st engine and there are plenty more left in the backlog.  We still continue to see coverage from the Warhammer Community and our events are going strong.  We could not have asked for a better year in TOC, and it feels like each time we define a Golden Age for us that we continue to climb higher.  It is the membership of TOC that makes this club great, and we wanted to share what you've done.  There are no videos or cake this time, which we are saving for a later milestone, but there is definitely a celebration.

"Thank you, everyone.  I never imagined we'd see three hundred Titans when I first joined the TOC staff.  Working with our members, Drake, DJ, and Hertford has been an amazing experience.  You make this labor of love an absolute joy.  Here's to the next three hundred!" - Shadow

If you haven't heard the statistics before, it can be mind blowing at times.  One of the coolest bits of information is that we have members in 24 different countries!  Our little "empire" stretches so far that it's always daylight somewhere for a TOC member.

The nation with the most registered Engines is the United States at 116.  The United Kingdom rocks in at second with 97.  These countries are followed by Germany (15), Australia (13), and Sweden (9).

Or that for being the most popular Engine on the blog, Warhounds still make up only 45 percent of our registered Engines.

Our most popular Legio is still the Warp Runners, the Legio Astorum.  This is followed by Mortis (that hissing noise you hear in your head is Drake), with Fureans closely on their heels.

And oddly, you're staunch Loyalists for the most part.

"It's been a fantastic year for the Club, with several Walk events.  It was great to meet a snapshot of our members, and hopefully these events will just get bigger now." - Drake

In the span of the most recent hundred Titans has been not one, but THREE TOC Walk events.  The UK held its first ever event, while the US held events at GW: Riverbend and the Warhammer Citadel.  The events were so popular and fun that we are coming back for even more in 2019, with the US moving to five Regionals and a National.  There may even be further expansions of the events in the future.

WALK 2018- UK

We know these devils!

Break down the wall and shoot your enemy!

Lyden P.'s engines are on the prowl.

WALK 2018- USA


Mik at the coffee bar.

Trying to get a bunch of gamers not to laugh while saying "snotling" for a picture is harder than it looks.

A lot of laughs and smiles were had.

And we aren't done yet.  We will continue to bring you new content, new Engines, and new events well into 2019.  We look forward to reaching new heights with you and we hope you've enjoyed taking this journey with us.


  1. It’s a blast being a Member and some of the most fun events I’ve attended in this hobby. Looking forward to my next UK Walk!

    1. You forgot Kuwait in your Countries Pie... ;)

  2. Congratulations too all!! Loved the events I've attended, both from a gaming sense, but also a great group all with the same love for Titans!!

    Can't wait for the next walk!

  3. Are there any plans to have a walk close to Warhammer world?

    1. I really hope so! I'm not far from WHW - would be great to meet up with some fellow TOC members some time! :)