Thursday, 2 April 2020

Adeptus Titanicus - Shadow and Iron - Appendices and Final Thoughts

We finally get to the end of the Shadow and Iron review since your TOC staff has been insanely busy and the ongoing events in the world have certainly stalled how much we can do.  We close the book out with a review of the appendices and our thoughts of the supplement on the whole.


Lock, stock, and barrel here.  New battlefield traits certainly add a flair to your games.  In particular the underground battles with giant worms are fraught with pitch black lines of sight and the chance for you to be knocked over by massive creatures that can tunnel into you.  

Of course there are new stratagems for you to make use of.  A third of them are unique to the Traitors while another third are unique to the Loyalists.  The general stratagems are all powerful and can definitely add new tricks to your toolbox.  Of all of the supplements, these stratagems are probably the best that have been added.

Despite the stratagems being such a major benefit to this supplement it's the new weapons that really steal the show in this appendix.  New rules are given for the Natrix Shock Lance, the Ursus Claws, and the dreaded Sinistramanus Tenebrae.  All rules for using these weapons, including points values and their special rules have been included.  We'll review these weapons in more detail at a later time as we continue to review AT tactica.

Final Thoughts:

New missions, new worlds, new maniples, SIX new Titan Legions, the Psi-Titan, URSUS CLAWS!!!!  This supplement is absolutely packed from cover to cover.  There is so much good content in Shadow and Iron that it's hard to deny that this is probably the best Adeptus Titanicus supplement released so far.  It was also nice to get a major chunk of lore this time around and for the studio to pull the curtain back on a conflict that few people knew about since the Shadow Crusade received so much more focus.  A great book and certainly a useful supplement for the game.  Now, FIRE ZE URSUS CLAWS!

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