Xenos Owners

Below is a list of all registered Xenos Titans / Super Heavy Owners in the club.

To be added to this list please email us with a picture of your Forge World Xenos Titan at any / every stage of construction and or painting, your certificate from Forge World and enough information to fill out the details below. You can also update this status at any time, adding photos of battles, sale of Titan and more.

Note: The Xenos Engines / Super Heavies will not be featured on the Global Battlefield.

Eldar Phantom Titan- 1 - Craftworld Biel-Tan - Gavin B., West Midlands, UK.
Eldar Revenant Titan- 1 - Craftworld Biel-Tan - Gavin B., West Midlands, UK.
Eldar Revenant Titan- 2 - Craftworld Biel-Tan - Gavin B., West Midlands, UK.
T'au Manta- 4 - Shi Eldi Cadre, AX-01-21 - Dave O, County Durham, UK.
T'au Manta- 21 - Nightwind Cadre, AX-01-21 - Mike W, Scotland, UK.
T'au Ta'unar- 1Fal'Shia Sept, KX-139-01- Jonathan M., Maryland, USA


  1. My Revenants, Phantom and Vampires never came with a certificate. FW never did any for 'em. :(

  2. Thanks for letting us know.
    Please send them in and we will put them up with an in house certificating system.

  3. I guess it will be at least another few months until i can afford myself to get a Ta'unar, but i guess that would be 'titanic' enough to join the club? Looking forward to that moment and build my R'Vahrna.