Warlord Owners

Below is a list of all registered Warlord Titan Owners in the club.

To be added to this list please email us with a picture of your Warlord Titan at any / every stage of construction and or painting, your certificate from Forge World and enough information to fill out the details below. You can also update this status at any time, adding photos of battles, sale of Titan and more.

Warlord-8 - Legio Crucius, Eternal Vigilance - Andrew C, Cumbria UK.

Warlord-33 - Legio Fureans, Iyakarri - Wayne S, Lancashire, UK.
Warlord-47 - Legio Defensor - Jamie H, Virginia, USA.
Warlord-58 - Legio Mortis, Bone Garland - Drake Seta, Buckinghamshire, UK.
Warlord-65 - Legio Invictus, Saevus Ultio - Justin H, California USA.
Warlord-67 - Legio Telesto, Stella Rubri - Nic, Illinois, USA
Warlord-85 - Legio Ignis, Hyacintho Ignis - Alex H, Georgia USA.
Warlord-95 - Legio Astorum, TBN - Classified, Nottinghamshire, UK.
Warlord-104 - Legio Astorum, Dominus Victoria - Siph Horridus, Hampshire, UK.
Warlord-118 - House Taranis, Apocalyptus Credo - Bo Wang, Singapore.
Warlord-160 - Legio Northguard, Costodes Aquilonem, Heiko K., Hamburg, Germany
Warlord-163 - Legio Tempestus, Custodi Tempestas - Col. Herford, Hertfordshire, UK
Warlord-169 - Legio Praesagius, Veritas Aequitas - Aximund, Victoria, Australia.
Warlord-172 - Legio Praetor, Lacrimis Funera - David B, Worcestershire, UK.
Warlord-192 - Legio Tartarus, Cronus - Matthew S, North Carolina, USA.
Warlord-198 - Legio Astorum, Ignis Dominus - Tagsta, Frankfurt, Germany.
Warlord-212 - Legio Phasmatis, Ira Deorum - Nathanuel, California, USA
Warlord-217 - Legio Ignatum, TBN - Gavin, Devon, UK.
Warlord-223 - Legio Mortis, Equus Pallidus - Jesse F, Minnesota, USA
Warlord-241 - Legio Tempestus, Helios Iapetus - Jonathan B., Tennessee, USA
Warlord-255 - Legio Atarus, Malleus Gloria - Tim, Illinois, USA
Warlord-277 - Legio Crucius, Sol Furias- Benny R., Saxonia, Germany
Warlord-289 - Legio Mortis, Carnificis Superbia - Richard M, Lancashire, UK
Warlord-302 - Legio Ignatum, Iudex Ignes - Corey S., South Dakota, USA
Warlord-304 - Legio Unknown, TBD - Joseph Z., Washington, USA
Warlord-309 - Legio Astorum, Lunae Irae- Adam R., Missouri, USA
Warlord-326 - Legio Astorum, Avatar Belli - Paolo D.R., Rome, Italy
Warlord-334 - Legio Phasmatis, Victor Mortis - Nathanuel, California, USA
Warlord-343 - Legio Northern Ghosts, Varangian - Agis, Sweden.
Warlord-361 - Legio Gryphonicus, Sanguisugae Regis - Mathias H., Gothenburg, Sweden
Warlord-370 - Legio Mortis, TBD, - A. Thompson, Kent, UK
Warlord-374 - Legio TBD, Lux Terra- Riku L., Finland
Warlord-390 - Legio TBC, Prometheus - Dave R, Wiltshire UK.
Warlord-418 - Legio TBA, Celestial Wrath - Robert, Utah, USA
Warlord-429- Legio Invicta, Phoenix Surgerre- Jason O., Rhode Island, USA
Warlord-444 - Legio Crucius, Triple Force- Anders J., Norway
Warlord-449 - Legio Astorum, Ghost of Harakoni - Kasper S., Herning, Denmark
Warlord-489 - Legio Mortis, Gustus Bilem - Col. Herford, Hertfordshire, UK
Warlord-539 - Legio Pallidus Mor, Pallidus Rex - Scott S., Virginia, USA

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